MagDrone R3 for Mongolia

SENSYS MagDRone R3 for surveys in Mongolia

MagDrone R3 for Mongolia

The Mongolian University of Science and Technology already purchased the SENSYS MagDrone R3 for their scientific and geological survey of ground and soil back in 2020. Due to COVID19 situation the requested training at SENSYS premises was not possible. Until last week!

Now, Markus and Gorden could train the Mongolian scientist Tsoggerel Tsamba about magnetics, drone operation and the MagDrone R3 device itself.

As the MagDrone R3 comes with two 3-Axes-Fluxgate in a horizontal spacing of one meter, the entire device only weights 800g. That makes the device perfect for small and medium professional drones. Flying 5+ meter above the ground, the two sensors are more a matter of redundancy and data density then differentiating between objects. With 200Hz sampling rates, the MagDrone R3 can be mounted to the drones landing gear, hence improving stability of the drone and making survey flight most stable.

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Image source: Google Maps & MSC Cruises