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A thorough consultancy upfront to measure and find out what the customer requires.


With a skilled R&D team in the back, SENSYS will come up with a concept exceeding all expectations.


Our R&D and production team go hand in hand to realize a solution and set new standards.

Beyond standards

SENSYS developers work starts where standard solutions end! Customers value the know-how, promptness and flexibility to jointly find a solution or realize new products.

Questions about our Services and Products?

Whether you are seeking for consultancy or already looking for specific technical information – get in contact with us!

Custom solutions that fit

Did you ever felt a standard product will not do the job or makes your work not at all efficient? This is why we like to be in control of our systems, having a complete R&D team in-house to shape, adjust and adapt anything we can make use of.

We like to offer you the same. Whether it is an adaptation of our products integrated a different kind of positioning systems, change the way the sensors are aligned, used or processed. Or, your goal means we develop something from scratch – surely using our vast experience from all R&D done before. That way, your challenge is on the table and we will come up with a concept how to put that into a solution.

Our track record includes special detection systems for the German Army, quality assurance systems for industrial application, geothermal drillings, pipeline inspection, measurement of medical rooms and production lines for residual magnetic fields. Space agencies are using our equipment to measure satellite components before they are sent into space. While we are trying to re-use the best we have, we surely have an eye on the latest technology on the market to combine experience with state-of-the-art for the most economical results you can get.


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