FGM3D UW - Precision Fluxgate Magnetometer for Offshore

FGM3D UW – SENSYS Fluxgate Magnetometer for Offshore

The FGM3D UW is a compact three-axis Fluxgate magnetometer for maritime applications.


Sensor Technology:
Application Type:
Offshore, Stationary Measurements


FGM3D UW - For maritime applications

The FGM3D UW is a compact three-axis Fluxgate magnetometer for maritime applications. It can be used in shallow waters, as well as for offshore and deep sea applications. As part of of the MX3D UW magnetometer system and the SEARACK ROV sensor frame the sensors are used for efficient and low logistics ROV based surveys. Those ROVS surveys include detection of buried UXO in seabed, but also inspection of offshore infrastructure such as foundations, pipelines or cable lines.

The FGM3D UW is being used for example for stationary application as in naval degaussing systems, but also for long-term measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field.


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Technical Data MX3D UW
SensorsFGM3D/100 UW II
Measurement Range±100,000 nT (others available upon request)
Noise<15 pTrms/√ Hz @ f = 1 Hz
Bandwidth2,000 Hz standard, 4,000 Hz upon request
Length263 mm
Diameter45 mm
Power Supply±12….±15 V
Current Consumption± 26 mA
Cable Length to MX3D UW0.5 to 100 m
Weight (Air/Water/Salt Water)444 g/188 g/182 g
Data AcquisitionMX3D UW DAU
Number of Sensors1 to 5 units per digitizer, cascadable
Number AUX Sensors2 (serial, GPS, altimeter, AHRS, etc.)
Sampling Range200 Hz to 10,000 Hz (others available upon request)
Resolution (ADC)24 bit
Input15x analogue channel, 1x RS232
Output10/100 mBits/s, full duplex
Start-up current2.5 A (restricted)
Power Supply10…32 VDC
Current consumption
(at 200 Hz sampling rate)
max. 10 W (including 5 sensors)
Ethernet Cable Lengthmax. 100 m (min. Cat6), extendible via DSL modem
Bandwidth requirementsapprox. 750 kbit/s (5 sensors, 1,000 Hz sampling rate)
ConnectorsSensors: Subconn MCBH8F, Voltage/LAN: DBH13M
DimensionsDiameter: 98 mm, Length (w/o connector): 324 mm,
Volume: 1,694 Liters
Weight (Air/Water/Salt Water)2,949.4 g /1,250 g/1,210 g
Options of Integrations
Sensor Position towards Carrier SystemVariable, minimum distance depending on carrier system
Integration of SensorsVariable adjustment
Distance of SensorsVariable, typical ≤ 0.5 m

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