MAGNETO® BM2 - Perfect solution for standard and special tasks


The SENSYS MAGNETO® BM2 is an universal borehole system to be used with various SENSYS borehole probes e.g. 3axis, DISTLOG and vertical gradiometer.


Sensor Technology:
Application Type:
UXO Search, Geophysics and Geology


The universal borehole system MAGNETO® BM2

can be used with various SENSYS borehole probes e.g. 3axis, DISTLOG and vertical gradiometer. By using the integrated extension port, additional equipment like the SENSYS KWE (cable length counter) can be connected to the system.

The borehole box

is connected to a rugged Android Smartphone with SENSYS GO which serves for planning and surveying. The box as well as the systems power supply, which consists of a 12V battery, are placed in a special carrying belt.

When being used with the 3-axis sensor probe, this system is the perfect solution for standard and special tasks due to the fact that the measured values from two triaxial sensors and one acceleration sensor are stored separately. These values can thus be evaluated for each project in MAGNETO either individually or as gradients.

Special systems features

such as calibration for noise reduction, measurement range of +/-250µT and data acquisition at 200Hz allow for surveys closed to steel pilings or in urban areas as well as diagonal or horizontal measurements.

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General Technical Data
Power Supply/Current Consumption12 V / approx. 390 mA (Led Gel Battery 12V 7Ah)
Weight without/with transport caset.b.d.
Borehole Box
Digitalization / Data Acquisition24 Bit / 200 Hz
Connectors1x analogue, 1x 3axis, 1x power supply,
1x extension port, 1x Bluetooth
Data Acquisition
User deviceWindows Mobile Rugged Bluetooth PDA
FunctionsPlanning / Surveying / Data Storage / Data Export
Sensor ProbeFGM3AS1DISTLOG1FGM650/101
Dynamic Range (per sensor and axis)±250,000 nT±75,000 nT±75,000 nT
Measurement Range (per sensor and axis)±250,000 nT±10,000 nT±10,000 nT
Sensor Separation582 mm650 mm650 mm
Reference Point2114 mm / 696 mm393 mm /4 mm3393 mm /4 mm3
Declination<14 nT±5 nT±5 nT
Resolution30 pT<0.2 nT<0.2 nT
Noise @ 1Hz per axis<20 pTrms/√Hz<40 pT rms /√Hz<40 pT rms /√Hz
Cut off frequency100 Hz (DC … 100Hz)20 Hz (DC…20 Hz)20 Hz (DC…20 Hz)
Temperature Drift<0.3 nT/K<0.3 nT/K<0.3 nT/K
Time Driftt.b.d.t.b.d.t.b.d.
Relative error of measurement20nT1%51%5
Stability<5 nT per axis<1 nT<1 nT
Linearity±8 ppm<0.1%<0.1%
IP ProtectionIP68IP68IP68
Borehole Length MeasurementIntegrated acceleration sensornone
Scope of Delivery
Borehole ProbeFGM3AS and/or DISTLOG and/or FGM650/10
Borehole Cable25m (FGM3AS) and/or 15m (DISTLOG and/or FGM650/10)
Data AcquisitionBorehole Box + PDA (incl. accessories)
Power SupplyCarrying belt with 2x 12V Lead-Gel Battery and 1x Battery Charger
Borehole Weight1x brass weight with M8 thread
Transport Case1220 x 435 x 165mm including handles and wheels of casing
DocumentationCertificate, Manual

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