Borehole logging for detection of deeply buried UXOs

Aerial image of a bombed rail road

The challenge The contamination of our grounds due to past and ongoing conflicts in the world is widely discussed. Especially in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the UK commercial companies (like the EOD Munitionsbergung from Austria) are contracted intensively upfront construction works. They clear the ground from not detonated bombs and ammunition. But there are […]

MX V3 at the winter final

With a last heavy snow and temperature drop end of January 2021, landscape got painted white all over. No reason for us to not prepare our survey systems outside. The MX V3 system had to prepared for an upcoming UXO detection job by one of our esteemed clients. As usual, we setup the system and […]

Short video: MagDrone R3 – About drone surveying with our expert

MagDrone UAV magnetometer survey system

Regular tests with all our measuring instruments are an integral part of the daily work process. SENSYS specialist, Markus Schikorra knows what is important in drone surveying  “Continuous generation of new data sets remains important even with the MagDrone R3. Attention is paid to disturbances caused by the drone, how precisely the altitude is maintained […]

2021 – Taking off with SENSYS

New year, new opportunities! For us, customer satisfaction will continue to be our top priority, regardless of the calendar year. The SENSYS team is excited to hit the ground running in the coming 12 months and continue to provide all customers with reliable and innovative measurement solutions.   Happy New Year! SENSYS can look back […]

Happy holidays and a healthy new year 2021!

SENSYS wishes you, your colleagues and family Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year 2021! We thank you this year especially for 30 years of SENSYS, many exciting projects and last but not least for your trust in our measurement solutions. For us there are enough reasons to look forward to the […]