Multichannel Carrier Type F - SENSYS MXPDA supplement

Multichannel Carrier Type F

The Type F cart is a modular and non-magnetic cart for your MXPDA system. Based on the field experience and requirements of our clients ..


Multi-channel carrier Type F

The multi-channel carrier Type F is a modular, non-magnetic push cart for the use with SENSYS magnetometer systems like the MAGNETO® MXPDA - a 5- channel survey system for UXO detection and Archaeology.

The cart is made from GRP and does not utilize any metallic or magnetic parts. Besides the classic vehicle towed MX carrier and multi-functional modular MX type E carrier, the Type F purely focuses on man pushed operations and will be in addition to the other cart / carrier types.

The Type F cart has been designed inspired by the field experience and requirements of our clients. He is delivered in a light grey color to reduce thermal effects. A new design of the handles allows for more ergonomic and fatigue-free operation. The carrier can be et up in a 1m configuration to host up to 5 probes, as well as in 2m version for up to 9 probes. A wider wheelbase is increasing stability when setting up in the 2m variant.

The wheel mounting has been redesigned to ease the wheel mounting and save parts. The slip protection for the wheels has been improved.

Please Note: The Type F carrier cannot be extended any further, i.e. to be converted into the towed device.


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Dimension set up (LxHxB)(1451 x 1510 x 2100) mm, with antenna rod
Dimensions packed(1400 x 930 x 340) mm packed in the optional case
Weight19.8 kg / 43.65 lb

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