About SENSYS Magnetometer & Survey Solutions

Our History, our Service

SENSYS was founded in 1990 by Dr.-Ing. Andreas Fischer. With his mission to always serve customers specific needs, the company became one of the leading providers of magnetic and electromagnetic survey systems and components.

Our Mission

Measure. Detect. Protect.

All humans leave a footprint on this Earth – whether it is culture, living, a progress of evolution, pollution or even worse – war. Over decades, hundreds and thousands of years those footprints get more and more hidden under the surface. But they remain and need to be handled carefully – either to protect history and learn from it or to protect ourselves while removing the vast amount of explosives remnants of war.

SENSYS mission is to pay in on that, supplying survey devices and solutions for non-destructive evaluation of areas. As a developer and manufacturer our task is to investigate into survey methods and cover them with hardware and software, made to operate in the field. We support those in the field who are driven to improve and protect all of us.

As we know, that just being there in the field can be challenging, so we always stay aside to support, assist and maintain our devices so that the operation can continue. Our clients behave in very sensitive environments, so customer service is a key for us – and them.

Our magnetometers and survey solutions are made to measure, detect and protect whatever is in danger.

Our Location

The Historic “Intersputnik”

The satellite earth station Neu Golm, also known as satellite earth station Intersputnik, was the only station for the transfer of commercial communication data in the GDR in times of where Germany was divided into East and West. The station is located around 50km Southeast of Berlin between Fürstenwalde and Bad Saarow.

The station was operated between 1975 and 1996. In times of the GDR the station was connected to the Intersputnik satellite net in order to relay and receive telephone, television and radio signals.

After the re-union of Germany in 1990, the Deutsche Telekom took over and modernized the station, before it was closed in 1996 due to inefficiency of satellite data transfer.

The eyecatcher of the station is the 12m parabolic antenna TNA-57 on top of the cylindric main building. The building itselfs follow a construction scheme called Orbita-2 that was built up the same way in other countries connected to the Intersputnik net.

Nowadays, all electronics were dismantled and the earth station is used by SENSYS as the company office.

Source: Wikipedia

Meet our Team

The people who work at SENSYS share our vision and values. We’re driven by the satisfaction of clients as a results of everybodies enthusiam, diligence and a family team spirit.

Wolfgang Süß

Managing Director, Sales & Strategy

Wolfgang is always keen to put the best solution in place, understanding customer demands and transport the dedication of all the team to fulfill our mission.

SENSYS - Rainer Vogel, UXO & National Sales

Rainer Vogel

UXO & Special Applications

Rainer brings in a tremendous experience in product development, support, training and operational aspects in the field. He is focused on our national clients and is an expert for UXO detection methods and unusual inquiries.

SENSYS - Gorden Konieczek, Archaeology & Offshore

Gorden Konieczek

Archaeology & Offshore

Gorden is passionate about technology and user behaviour. He is the specialist for archaeological and offshore solutions, as well as GPS solutions. He never gets tired to jump on an airplane to help deployment and training in the field.

SENSYS - Markus Schikorra, Airborne

Markus Schikorra

Airborne & Remote Platforms

Markus is smart and does things the very classy way. With an aviation background and a very open mind he helps our clients around the world to bring SENSYS detectors on the next operational level – remote platforms!

SENSYS - Jan Kockejai, Data Science & Support

Jan Kockejai

Data Scientist & Support

Jan has an infinite number of screens on his desk and even more data to juggle with. He is the main remote supporter of our systems in the field and a specialist for data processing and analysis using his own Matlab world!

Who is next?

Tech nerds needed.

We are always looking for the next genius that perfectly fits into our team. Mandatory is a great mindset, the love to work for a small company and the willigness to always learn. We serve niche markets and are niche guys 😉

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