MX "heavy duty" - For those who want to cover 25 ha per day

MAGNETO® MX “heavy duty” – Vehicle towed magnetometer system

The SENSYS Carrier is a vehicle trailed heavy duty terrain magnetometer system for large-scale UXO searches.


Sensor Technology:
Application Type:
UXO Search


"… the [..] system has proved to work practically in continuous mode, even in the most challenging desert conditions. Through six days a week, the system has driven more than 100 km per day."

                                                                                                                                                                    -Dr. Tomás Pokorny, Destrux-


This system carrier features a width of two meters and can be extended to a maximum width of four meters. Between eight and 16 magnetometer probes can be fixed to the carrier. Thus a maximum daily coverage of 25 ha can be reached, depending on terrain conditions, number of magnetometers and array width.


Due to the off-road design of the carrier and the high flexibility of the measurement configuration, the MAGNETO® MX system is being used in the fields of UXO detection, geophysics, archaeology and for surveys of contaminated sites.

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General Technical Data
Power supply12 V battery pack (lead gel)
Dimensions of Carrier
Lengthca. 6.7 m
Widthca. 2 m
Width with extensionsca. 4 m
Height (incl. GPS antenna)ca. 1.3 m
Weight128 kg
Measurement configuration
Distance between probes0.25 m / 0.5 m
Array widths2 m / 4 m
Sensor above ground leve0.1 .. 0.4 m
FGM650/10Measurement range of ±10,000 nT
FGM650/3Measurement range of ±8,000 nT
Data acquisition
Analog input32 channel, ±4 V
OutputMonMX 3, 16bit
Position accuracy±1 cm (with RTK DGPS)
PC interfaceUSB, indirect-coupled
Area coverage
Maximum daily coverage25 ha

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