LSUW – Underwater LAN-Switch

LSUW – Underwater LAN-Switch

The LSUW is an underwater LAN switch and power supply for up to 4 SENSYS MX3D UW data acquisition units. It can also be used as standalone Ethernet switch for up to 5 generic Ethernet devices.


The LSUW - LAN Switch underwater - has been created to connect up to 4 MX3DUW 5-channel data acquisition units. This way you can build underwater systems with up to 20 FG3MD UW sensors, needing only one uplink to the Top Side Unit or ROV MUX.

A fifth output allows connecting any Ethernet device and supply power to it. Even though the system was created to daisy-chain SENSYS DAU’s, the usage of the LSUW is not limited to connect SENSYS equipment.

It can be used to provide power and LAN to up to 5 connected devices. The internal processor is supervising the outputs and enables the power supply only if a consumer is detected. The LSUW is reporting the actual current consumption of all outlets as well as the state to a UDP socket once per second.

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Input Voltage general (permanent)
Input Voltage with MX3DUW
10...32V #1 #2
Current Consumption
4.5 A max.
Average Power Consumption
Without load: tbd.
Reverse Polarity Protection (permanent)
-80 V
Output Voltage (permanent)
like input voltage
Output Current per Port #3
- rush in current <5sec
- permanent
3.0 A max.
1.0 A max.
LAN Interface Data Rate
10/100 Mbit/s
Time until:
- first status information output
- power up port 1
- power up port 5
6 seconds
11 seconds
35 seconds
Diameter: 98 mm, Length (w/o connector): 324 mm,
Volume: 1,694 Liters
Weight (Air/Water/Salt Water)
3,185 g /1,349 g/1,307 g
Operating Temperature
#1 when using more than 2 MX3DUW the use of at least 24V is recommended
#2 A max input voltage can be set in the firmware and an output will not be enabled if the limit is exceeded. Default limit is 32V.
#3 When using MX3DUW

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