FGM3D TD Digitizer - Measurement set for SENSYS fluxgate magnetometer

FGM3D TD Digitizer – Smart measurement set for fluxgate magnetometer

The SENSYS FGM3D TD is a data logging and analysis set for the high performance three-axis magnetic field sensor FGM3D.


Sensor Technology:
Application Type:
Stationary Measurements


FGM3D TD - data logging and analysis set

The FGM3D TD is a data logging and analysis set for the high performance three-axis magnetic field sensor FGM3D. It combines high quality electronics with easy to use software. This makes it a fundamental measurement set for all scientists and geophysicists in labs, universities or in the field whose work requires precise data of the Earth's magnetic field.

The hardware allows for simultaneous sampling of 3 channels with a 24 bit digitization and a sample rate of up to 6,300 values per second (6.3 kHz). The device also includes an anti-aliasing filter (as low pass filter Bessel 2nd order) having a cut-off frequency of 3.3 kHz. The connection to the PC is established by an electronically isolated USB 2.0 connection.

Data logging and analysis is carried out by the software that is part of the FGM3D TD. The software includes for example an oscilloscope function having various setting options. Furthermore a spectrum analyser function is included, allowing for analysis of amplitude, noise density spectrum and the magnetic total field.

In addition, different profiles can be created with the software by using xml-files, thus offering flexible configurations. The adjustable CSV recorder for raw data storage completes the functionality of the software.


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