FGM3D - Compact fluxgate magnetometer

FGM3D – Compact SENSYS Fluxgate Magnetometer

The SENSYS FGM3D is a compact and high performance three-axis Fluxgate magnetometer. It is available in various measurement ranges from ..


Sensor Technology:
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Geophysics and Geology, Stationary Measurements, Special Applications


FGM3D  - Compact and high performance

The FGM3D is a compact and high performance three-axis Fluxgate magnetometer. It is available in various measurement ranges from ±75 µT up to ±1,000 µT and a bandwidth of up to 6,000Hz, protected by a small and compact waterproof enclosure made of PEEK or POM components. It allows precision measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields in three axes.

Wide range of applications

The FGM3D has a wide range of applications in the field of science, geophysics, medicine, labs and material inspection. Typical applications include evaluation of passive shielding installations, calibration probe for electron microscopes, measurement probe for offshore and borehole survey systems like the SENSYS BM2, aerial surveys with the MagDrone or long term measurements of the Earth's magnetic field.

Supplied in different measurement ranges

The sensor can be powered from any ±15 V supply. In its basic configuration, the device can be supplied in different measurement ranges. The standard measuring range is ±100 µT with a bandwidth of 2 kHz. Sensors up to ±250 µT can have an improved orthogonality of sensors axes and reduced sensor noise level. That will improve the resolution to <70pT. Furthermore, all sensors can be ordered with a bandwidth of 3 kHz or even 4 kHz.

More advantages

Due to the design and the principles of measuring with Fluxgate sensors, the use of FGM3D assures low offset errors, low internal noise and high stability.

While the measurement of all three field components is done simultaneously, the output of all measurement data is separate for every axis. That enables a processing per axis as well as using the total field for post-processing activities.

Check out the the FGM3D Sensor Matrix and its different sensor options to enhance and customize the sensor according to your needs.

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Measurement range±4,000 nT±75,000 nT±100,000 nT±125,000 nT±250,000 nT±500,000 nT±1,000,000 nT
Point of reference single axesSee pdf below
Point of reference total intensity34.5 mm from edge
Declination between axes≤0.5°
Declination total≤1°
Resolution< 150 pT
Noise [0.1...10 Hz]< 15 pTrms/√Hz @0.1...10Hz
Cut off frequency (bandwidth)2 kHz (DC...2 kHz)
Temperature drift≤ ±0.3 nT/K
Zero error≤ ±5 nT
Relative error of measurement±0.1 %±0.5 %±0.5 %
Stability< 5 nT< 5 nT
Linearity< 20 ppm
Sensitivity2.5 V/µT0.13 V/µT0.1 V/µT0.08V/µT0.04V/µT0.02V/µT0.01V/µT
Supply voltage±12 V ... ±15 V
Current consumption±26 mA
Output±10 V @FS
Output impedance< 1 Ω
Operating temperature-20°C to +75°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +80°C
DimensionsSee pdf below
Weight w/o cable / Volume112g
Ingress protectionIP65
Vibration stabilityBV044 (in parts)
Low noise / improved resolution≤8 pTrms/√Hz / < 70 pTn.a.n.a.
Improved orthogonalityaxial: ≤ ±0.1° / total: ≤ ±0.12°
Extended bandwidthn.a.3 kHz / 4 kHz3 kHz / 4 kHz3 kHz / 4 kHzn.a.n.a.n.a.

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