FGM3D / 125-C3T - Compact Fluxgate Magnetometer

FGM3D / 125-C3T – Compact SENSYS Fluxgate Magnetometer

The FGM3D/125-C3T is a three-axis magnetometer with 3 compensation coils and a defined test calibration jump. The unique feature of FGM3D/125-C3T is..


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Geophysics and Geology, Special Applications


SENSYS FGM3D/125-C3T - Protected by a waterproof enclosure

The SENSYS FGM3D/125-C3T – as part of the FGM3D sensor series – is a compact high performance three-axis magnetometer. It consists of three Fluxgate sensors and integrated electronics, all protected by a waterproof enclosure (IP65) made of PEEK and POM components.

The FGM3D sensor allows precision measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields in three axes.

Unique feature

The unique feature of FGM3D/125-C3T is the integration of compensation coils around every Fluxgate sensor that allows two important operations with the sensor. The first feature is a defined digital signal which can be applied and all axes then respond with a defined calibration jump (-10µT). That way operator can either check if the sensors still work according to the SENSYS factory calibration and the provided calibration protocol. Or they can assess correctness of the acquisition unit.

On the other hand the coils can be applied with a current to compensate external fields and for zeroing all axes. Thus the sensor can be perfectly adapted to local conditions and the specific requirements of the measurement campaign.

Furthermore the sensor can be ordered with different options such as improved orthogonality of the sensor axes or reduced sensor noise and increased resolution.

The FGM3D/125-C3T is manufactured and calibrated according DIN54145 and SENSYS is ISO 9001:2008 certified to ensure highest product quality and reliability.


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Calibration version
Measurement range±125,000 nT
Point of reference single axesSee pdf below
Point of reference total intensity34.5 mm from edge
Declination between axes≤0.5°
Declination total≤1°
Resolution< 150 pT
Noise [0.1...10 Hz]< 15 pTrms/√Hz @0.1...10Hz
Cut off frequency (bandwidth)2 kHz (DC...2 kHz)
Temperature drift≤ ±0.3 nT/K
Zero error≤ ±5 nT
Relative error of measurement±0.1 %
Stability< 5 nT
Linearity< 20 ppm
Sensitivity0.08 V/µT
Additional winding (compensation)6.3 mA / 70 ?T (max. 10mA)
Calibration jump-10 µT (per axis)
Supply voltage±12 V ... ±15 V
Current consumptionmax. ±40 mA
Output±10 V @FS
Output impedance< 1 Ω
Operating temperature-20°C to +75°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +80°C
DimensionsSee pdf below
Weight w/o cable / Volume130g
Ingress protectionIP65
Vibration stabilityBV044 (in parts)
Low noise / improved resolution≤8 pTrms/√Hz / < 70 pT
Improved orthogonalityaxial: ≤ ±0.1° / total: ≤ ±0.12°
Extended bandwidthn.a.

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