All parts are of exceptional quality

MagCone® – Special solution for magnetic surveys underground

The SENSYS MagCone® is a cone penetration/downhole survey system for geomagnetic and UXO surveys underground.


Sensor Technology:
Application Type:
UXO Search, Geophysics and Geology



The penetration/downhole survey system is a special solution for magnetic surveys underground. Cone penetration is combining the process of drilling a borehole, tubing and doing the measurement into one step!

The MagCone® is equipped with FGM3D three axis fluxgate magnetometers or FGM650 z-gradiometer magnetometers, the push rods, a GPS solution, the radio electronics for (optional) wireless transfer of all data and a software for recording and interpreting of measurement data.

All parts are of exceptional quality as the measurement system and the push rods are forced with up to 40 cm/s into soft or hard ground! As the survey system environment of clients always looks different, SENSYS shapes the MagCone® exactly to clients needs.

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