MAGNETO® MX V4 – “Flexible scalable”

MAGNETO® MX V4 “Flexible scalable”

The MAGNETO® MX V4 is a scalable area magneto­meter survey system.


Sensor Technology:
Application Type:
UXO Search, Archaeology, Geophysics and Geology


The MAGNETO® MX V4 is a area magneto­meter survey system. It can host up to 16 fluxgate gradiometers on our unique modular metal-free and non-magnetic cart that can be set up as a push-cart or as a towed rig. This allows for rapid non-invasive cartography on land and even in shallow water in order to search for UXO or archaeological structures as well as doing large scale soil evaluations.

Due to its modularity it meets the requirement of nearly any survey task. The cart can be converted into anything between a 1m wide push-cart and a 4m wide vehicle towed device.

The compact data acquisition unit offers high sampling rates, 24Bit digitizing. It is prepared to host 16 probes. You can start with a lower number and extend the system over time just by getting a license and additional probes – no hardware change is needed.

By using wired connections only we avoid transmission delays and external interference.

At the maximum survey speed the spacing between two data points is 20mm.
To increase the accuracy of positioning a PPS generator is integrated.

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