Developer & Developments

SENSYS has more than 20 years of experience of development and production of high precision and customer specific solutions in all areas of geophysical measurement systems.

This makes SENSYS a perfect partner for special solutions that need to be tailored to customer needs regardless if for civil or military applications, on water, underwater or on land! SENSYS offers a flexible highly innovative development team that aims to deliver market leading products.

Customers can choose whether SENSYS is playing the leading or a supporting role for its projects. Contact us for a detailed inquiry!

Sensys custom solutions:

Consulting and writing of specifications

In the early stage we can be a consultant and work out you product specification to base all upcoming R&D work on. We will incorporate the standards and requirements that are needed for your project to make sure it fulfils its obligations.

Development of complete systems

With a team of engineers for hardware, electronics, software and mechanics in one place we can cover full product developments – fast, efficient, reliable and economical.

Micro processor based developments

Whereever computer performance is most critical, we leave out performance eating OS to directly develop on microprocessor level, programming firmware to make most use of all hardware components and shape the product to exactly your needs and desired functions. Thus, it allows to set up proprietary protocols on any protection level needed.

OS based programming and GUI creations

To make sure the end user can easily deal with the developed system, we programm and generate OS and user software using C, C# or Javascript.

Assembly and operation of prototypes, testing and calibration systems

Once the product is defined and developed a thorough prototye and testing session is required, taking place in-house at our workshop, in our in-house and outside test chambers and on our test field with buried items to collect in-field experience of functionality, performance and behaviour of your system.


Last, but not least we provide documentation in different extends depending if you required full access to all R&D work, operational manual and maintenance procedures.


If you have any questions regarding our development service or need more information do not hesitate to contact us.

We will also be happy to discuss your project with you and provide you with advice in the preparation of a project calculation.

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