Eliminate interferences during detection

MX3D UW Data Tool

Specifically designed for the SENSYS MX3D UW Offshore measurement system, this Data Tool holds several useful features.


Sensor Technology:


MX3D UW Data Tool - For data enhancement

The MX3D UW Data Tool improves the collected data of the MX3D UW Offshore Measurement System by eliminating typical disturbances that occur when probing with ROV's.

These disturbances include, for example, errors in position determination and course deviations caused by the USBL, as well as overlapping tracks.

Furthermore, functions such as track recognition, various filter and compensation options, further correction options, downsampling and a color map preview are available. Depending on your needs, you can choose between different export file formats.

The exported data can be evaluated with MAGNETO or customer specific software.

Latest version: 03.02-05

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