SEARACK ROV sensor frame

SEARACK ROV sensor frame

The ultimative Magnetometer sensor frame for ROVs!


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The SEARACK frame is metal free, neutral buoyancy, scalable and flexible frame to mount on any ROV, each holding up to 4 FGM3D UW sensors – making it the ultimate universal ROV frame. The flotation panels can be inserted, increased or removed one by one to adapt to overall ROV setup. As the frames are combinable – either fixed or even with hinges to keep the low logistics approach and to fit through A-frames – larger survey width or sensor spacing can be achieved without jeopardizing maneuverability and payload of the ROV.


Low logistics ROV sensor frame SENSYS SEARACK 
Dimensions1,500 x 545 x 161mm
Weight in air/loaded5kg/7kg
Neutral buoyancy
Frames combinable
Joint and hinge options
Package includes
1 sensor frame
4 sensor mountings
6+2 floatation panels
set of spare screws
screw driver
sturdy transport case

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