FGM3D UWD - SENSYS digital Sensor for AUV and Towed Applications

FGM3D UWD – Digital Triaxial Fluxgate Magnetometer

The output from the FGM3D UWD is a configurable data stream via the RS232 interface.


Sensor Technology:
Application Type:
Offshore, Stationary Measurements


SENSYS FGM3D UWD - Digital Sensor

The sensor is part of the SENSYS FGM3D sensor family. It can be delivered with different options and measurement ranges. All three components (x,y,z) of the sensor are digitized synchronized, and simultaneously.

The output is a configurable data stream which can be either binary or ASCII. The sensor provides two interfaces, an RS232 interface, and an RS422 interface. If longer cables (1,000m max) are required the RS422 interface is used.

A top side unit is used to supply the device with power and convert the data stream from RS422 to LAN. Since all necessary settings can be made via a command interface that is provided via the RS232 interface, no additional software is needed. In RS422 mode the sensor is configured using accessing the top side unit’s web interface. The RS232 interface provides galvanic isolation.

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