LSUW – Welcome to the SENSYS underwater system family

LSUW – Welcome to the SENSYS underwater system family

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We are happy to introduce another member of our underwater survey system family.

The new module LSUW | Lan Switch Under Water device is adding modularity and flexibility to our MX3DUW system

by providing the ability to daisy-chain up to 4 MX3D UW systems which forms a magnetometer system with up to 20 FGM3D triaxial Fluxgate sensors. But even though the system was created to connect SENSYS DAU’s, the usage of the LSUW is not limited to connect SENSYS equipment, it can be used in with any LAN device.

Compatibility and energy intelligence

The LSUW has 5 identical outputs for which it provides power and LAN. It provides an intelligent power management: The outputs are supplied with power only if a load is connected. In order to reduce the rush-in current the power is provided to one output after the other. All outputs are supervised, the status information is sent as a status message via LAN.

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