SENletix 2024

SENSYS Team bei Xletix 2023 in Zossen

SENletix 2024

ONE TEAM – 12 kilometers, 15 colleagues, 25 obstacles – ONE GOAL! Wooohaa!

Xletix – the most popular and possibly dirtiest obstacle course in Germany!

At our challenge on 25.05.2024 in the Berlin-Brandenburg off-road park, SENSYS cut a fine figure, whether in the mud, through ice or on the 4-meter high halfpipe.

As is so often the case, success is not just about know-how, but much more about a good team. Train together and cross the finish line together! But after the race is before the race and so we are continuing our weekly SENletix training, which we started in January, in order to be well prepared for upcoming events.

In addition to our contribution to greater safety in explosive ordnance disposal, individual fitness and the working atmosphere are not neglected at SENSYS. From trainees to management – we are all equal when it comes to sport!