Training of the MX V3 at MAT Kosovo

MX V3 Training at MAT Kosovo

Training of the MX V3 at MAT Kosovo

MAT Kosovo is a international well recognized and established training centre for EOD technicians and experts from all over the world.

In order to give a full presentation of the state-of-that-art technology for large ares UXO search, SENSYS provided its multi-channel Magnetometer survey system MX V3 to be part of the training equipment inventory. The MX V3 ist a modular system to setup push cart and vehicle towed variants and play with different sensor spacing. This will help to optimize the setup to field and project conditions. In combination with an RTK DGPS measurement values are referenced down to a centimeter precision.

Gorden was present to teach and train the trainers. In the past, SENSYS already supplied the handheld iron detector SBL10 with data acquisition for small or narrow fields on all terrains.

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