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Our sensors* measure magnetic field values
We either measure the Earth's Magnetic Field or local magnetic field variants. *Fluxgate Magnetometers
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We make hidden things visible!
While there is nothing to see on the surface, we can see the things underground.
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Survey from air, on land and subsea.
Our solutions (from single sensors to sensor arrays and processing software) can be integrated to UAVs, towing vehicles, handhelds, robots, AUVs or ROVs.
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High precision survey systems.
Measure. Detect. Protect

SENSYS is one of the most advanced and experienced companies in the world regarding magnetometer and electromagnetic surveys systems. 

Our sensors are safe to use in any environment. Being very sensitive and reliable, the sensors help to detect whatever is on focus.

We believe in information. Reliable and reproducable. That is the expectation we point to ourselves to make sure our clients can rely on us.

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A Magnetometer is a passive sensor to measure magnetic density. That way, we precisely measure the Earth’s Magnetic field, local fields as well as anomalies, i.e. caused by unexploded ordnance / bombs in the ground.

Time Domain Electromagnetics

Electromagnetic sensors are active pulsing systems to stimulate conductive objects making them detectable. Based on that principle buried objects and hidden structures get visible with our electromagnetic survey solutions.

About Fluxgate and Gradiometer Magnetometer

We produce every Magnetometer with highest care, following our own quality system according to ISO 9001:2015 to deliver a superior product.

Applications & Solutions


SENSYS offers a wide range of active and passive detectors and survey systems for airborne, area and underwater surveys to search for and detect bombs / unexploded ordnance in the ground.


Who knows how often we stepped on history not knowing what lies beneath us. SENSYS will tell without destructing the ground. With data from our magnetometer based survey systems we turn landscape into history. 


Geophysic evalution as alltime important tool relies on SENSYS land, water and airborne survey solutions using our portfolio of magnetometers, electromagnetic coil systems and susceptibility probes.


Clients have incredible costs for operating vessel and crew offshore. Failure and going back to harbour is not an option. SENSYS offshore survey equipment needs to be and is more reliable than ever. We are your trusted partner!

Special / Custom Applications

SENSYS developers work start where standard solutions end! Customers value the know-how, promptness and flexibility to jointly find a solution or realize new products.


Software is always a part of our systems. From recording to interpretation SENSYS offers specialised software products to transfer sensor readings into maps. 

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