Non-magnetic and New! Our multi-channel carrier type F

Non-magnetic and New! Our multi-channel carrier type F

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The multi-channel carrier type F is our new non-magnetic push cart for SENSYS magnetometer systems like the MAGNETO® MXPDA – a 5 channel Fluxgate gradiometer survey system for archaeology and UXO detection.

The carrier is been designed inspired by the feedback of our clients. Made from GRP, it is non-magnetic.

Beside the existing vehicle towed MX carrier and the multi-functional modular MX Type E carrier, the Type F carrier focuses on push-cart surveys. It will not replace any of the previous carriers, it will be available in addition.

Compared to the Type E carrier it has the following changes:

  • Bright colour to reduce thermal effects
  • Wider wheelbase for more stability when using the cart at 2 m width
  • Modified handles for more ergonomic and fatigue-free operation
  • Improved wheel mounting due to hinged clamps
  • Improved slip protection for the wheels

Setup Option

The cart can be setup as a 1m wide base device without extensions. The second option is to attach the extensions and use the cart at 2m width.

Even though the cart has been designed for the MAGNETO® MXPDA 5-channel system it can host up to 9 sensors and thus be used with the SENSYS system MAGNETO® MX V3, too.

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