We are an @SeeAmbassador – Ok, and what is it about?

We are an @SeeAmbassador – Ok, and what is it about?

Excellent question.

In concrete terms, it means that companies from the surrounding area draw attention to the region itself, through various measures, by pointing local potential. The aim of the @See initiative is therefore to highlight all the offers and advantages of the region for its inhabitants, potential returnees and new residents.

There are different requirements.

Why should an outsider decide for our region? Not everyone moves with the whole family, because now aspects such as space, country air and less speed in everyday life are gaining in value. Singles and couples should also be shown quickly and clearly that the region has more to offer than just lots of land, air and love. After all, there are also regional companies that serve a wide variety of industries and are looking for personnel. Various leisure activities are available for young, middle-aged and old. Commuters should see why it is worthwhile to stay. Last but not least, the inhabitants of the region should of course be made aware of actions and options, as well as projects in their vicinity. In order to convey these wishes, a wide variety of companies have joined forces. Since years they have been meeting regularly to exchange ideas, to combine and expand existing offers and to create new lucrative opportunities.

We are one of these namend companies.

We would like to contribute to the fact that the region is perceived as worthwhile and interesting. Which is why we are happy to support this initiative by reporting on it virally, at trade fairs and in person, and by participating in meetings.That is why we are @SeeAmbassadors.

Would you like to know more?

Then visit the @See homepage directly at www.atsee.de/region/botschafter-see/ .

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