SENSYS – the estate from the air! Technology Center in Rabenfelde

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SENSYS – the estate from the air! Technology Center in Rabenfelde

SENSYS meets Stefan Menne!

Watch out the spectacular aerial view of the SENSYS property!

What do we do if we don’t create offers and keep our customers up to date?

We work together with Stefan Menne, for example. Working on projects with him is fun and instructive at the same. In every single admission you can clearly see over 25 years of photographic experience. He is an absolute professional in his field of “flying cameras” and manages to convey his enthusiasm for aerial photography easily. We think he is great and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for the exciting and pleasant cooperation.

You have always wondered what it looks like with us?

For those of you who haven’t been to our place yet, are cordially invited to join us, but in the meantime there is an exclusive video aerial view of – Stefan Menne’s – SENSYS property available until we meet right there. Check this out and be amazed! VIDEOCLICK

Stefan Menne Homepage:

Bad Saarow, 28FEB20;
property of SENSYS Magnetometers



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