MonSX with new features

SENSYS MonSX data acquisition via PDA

MonSX with new features

The current MonSX version 01.02-14 for our handheld devices SBL10 and the borehole detection equipment BM2-Reihe got some new features!

Besides improvement for the project management of surface and borehole fields, borehole lines can be created now pointing in any direction (see picture of a East-West orientated line). Furthermore, a borehole field can be imported from a file, now also including a planned survey depth for the boreholes.

Also, for the next borehole after the last recording you can pick the neighbor, the next or the closest to your own position – requiring a connected GPS for position detection.

MonSX has also played an important role for our single-sensor UXO detection systems. Our clients value the reliability and flexibility of our tools to do their job in the field!

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