BASTA project for more security of our contaminated coasts and seas – SENSYS Fluxgate magnetic sensors in action

BASTA project for more security of our contaminated coasts and seas – SENSYS Fluxgate magnetic sensors in action

BASTA project for improved ordnance detection in our polluted seas

As a result of the huge offshore munitions problem (due to conflicts and dumping) and the challenge of munitions detection, this project was launched with the mission of minimizing the security risk of our coasts and seas. And thus to ensure safe access to large parts of the seabed for the offshore construction industry, coastal tourism and fisheries. The project not only addresses the need for increased accuracy and cost effectiveness in the area of munitions detection and detectability. BASTA points out that general UXO data acquisition, processing, and interpretation have not been subject to rigorous industry-wide standards. Which is why it is equally committed to standardized regulations in this process. Find out below how SENSYS is supporting this significant project.

GEOMAR AUVs – Automatic Underwater Vehicles carrying SENSYS Fluxgate magnetic sensors

The SENSYS 3-axis Fluxgate magnetometer FGM3D/100 UW II was taken deep into the water this fall. The sensors were tested with the system Girona 500 AUVs from GEOMAR ( in the course of an extensive data acquisition mission on the munitions sinkhole “Kolberger Heide”. The modular base system Girona 500 AUV was designed so that the SENSYS Fluxgate magnetometers are located at a distance of 2 meters in front of the AUV. This distance is important so that the electromagnetic noise of the electronics in the AUV does not influence the magnetometers. The generated measurement data will now be evaluated. Subsequently, the BASTA project is developing AI-supported algorithms to further automate navigation, data acquisition and data evaluation of the entire measurement sensor system.

FGM3D UW – The smart underwater survey solution from SENSYS

The FGM3D UW II is a compact lightweight 3-axis Fluxgate magnetometer for maritime applications at depths up to 6,000 meters. As part of the MX3D UW and the SEARACK ROV sensor frame, it is used for flexible tasks on ROVs in offshore applications. In addition to ordnance detection on and in the seabed, the magnetometers are also used for monitoring infrastructures with regard to offshore cables and pipelines. Also integrated into stationary systems, the FGM3D UW sensors are used, for instance, for surveying naval vessels for degaussing installations. More exciting information can be found directly on the FMG3D UW product page.

Did you already know? Facts about UXO

  • To this day, more than 1.6 million tons of both chemical and conventional (i.e., explosive) munitions are located in German territorial waters alone
  • The OSPAR Quality Status Report listed 148 dump sites in the Northeast Atlantic and North Sea
  • Even today, in time of peace, naval gunnery increases the amount of munitions in the sea
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