30 Years SENSYS – A gift

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Thanks to ALL our partners and customers!

We know how a good relationship can work and therefore we try to be more than just a one-time contact for our business customers. After 30 years of experience and dedication to research, development, production and sales in the field of magnetic and electromagnetic survey systems and components, we can look back and be thankful for every single day.

In the future we will keep our focus and continue to concentrate on reliable, sophisticated and sustainable solutions. Even after 30 years, we see ourselves as an innovator and solution provider with a continuous development and production of high-precision field-ready measurement solutions.

To our regret, we had to decide against an event due to recent situation regarding COVID-19. Instead we spent a sensational afternoon with all employees. With 3600 bricks for the SENSYS founder Dr. Andreas Fischer and 48 times 80 parts of a LEGO building set, the joy was enormous.

At this point we would like to thank Mr. David Strenzler for the professional LEGO creation of the satellite earth station of SENSYS.

Furthermore: We got creative. You can see what is behind this statement in the following VIDEO!

30 years of SENSYS in our local NEWSpaper MOZ.

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