2021 – Taking off with SENSYS

New year, new opportunities!

For us, customer satisfaction will continue to be our top priority, regardless of the calendar year. The SENSYS team is excited to hit the ground running in the coming 12 months and continue to provide all customers with reliable and innovative measurement solutions.


Happy New Year!

SENSYS can look back on many great achievements and important company steps in the previous year. We celebrated our 30th anniversary under special circumstances, welcomed new employees and successfully supported many exciting projects. Accordingly, for example, our underwater measurement solutions found their use in the context of wide-ranging projects. The worldwide distribution of SENSYS top sellers did not decrease last year, which is why we were able to delight new customers and thus add more countries to our portfolio. The IHK business magazine FORUM has portrayed SENSYS in its series “Brandenburgs Beste” as a “Hidden Champion”. In this series extraordinary companies, which convince by innovative solutions as well as specializations and belong in their field to the leading companies in Germany or the world, are presented. Furthermore, we are very grateful for selected customers who gave us their voice last year to make them visible as references in our new section “Success Stories”. Beyond the global scope, SENSYS does not forget the local value and continued to support the remarkable initiative @see. Numerous videos about our products and news on the SENSYS homepage and social media channels have been produced for prospective and already convinced customers to constantly provide them with the latest information. We can barely wait to proceed with motivation in this new year.


Successfully use SENSYS products and knowledge

SENSYS makes the difference! Our portfolio starts with basic research, continues with customized measurement solutions and ends with in-house reliable repair services and professional training offers. We want customer projects to continue at all times and have everything they need to do so. Get an impression of our range of services and contact us!

Wolfgang Suess, Directing Manager: wsuess@sensys.de

SENSYS Team; info@sensys.de

T: +49 (33631) 59650  


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