MagDrone R3 Upgrade

MagDrone R3 Upgrade

MagDrone R3 Upgrade

MagDrone R3 Upgrade: Our ultra-light UAV device with 2 sensors

Continuous development is important to us. That’s why there is now an upgrade for one of our most popular products – The MagDroneR3.


What has improved for our customers:

  • The data rate has been increased to 250Hz.
  • The internal GNSS can now be used in parallel with an external GNSS.
  • The internal memory capacity increases to 100+ recording hours.
  • From now on, no external power supply is needed when transferring data, as the R3 is now powered via the USB port.
  • The weight has been reduced by 10%.


The MagDrone R3 remains in high demand worldwide despite the larger MagDroneR4! With its own GPS and power supply, it can be used universally on most UAVs. Our customers use the MagDrone R3 not only for exploration, but also for searching for explosive ordnance and objects, locating hidden infrastructures and for ad-hoc tasks in regions that are difficult to access.

That wasn’t enough information? Then don’t hesitate to contact our expert for Airborne & Remote Platforms Markus Schikorra. Directly via LinkedIn, chat, phone or email.

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