MST Multi Sensor Terminal Talent

MST Multi Sensor Terminal – Efficient power supply and monitoring

Power and monitor up to 10 SENSYS FGM3D triaxial sensors.


Sensor Technology:
Application Type:
Stationary Measurements


MST Multi Sensor Terminal - 10 at Once

The MST is a multi sensor terminal to power and monitor up to 10 SENSYS FGM3D triaxial sensors at once and split their signals (x, y and z) into separate channels.

It comes with an 19" industry casing providing a central backplane where the central power supply unit and all 10 sensor supply modules can be inserted and locked with screws, but also replaced at any time. Furthermore, the MST can be operated with a mains power supply as well as via a 12V battery.

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Multi Sensor Terminal (MST)
Supply Voltage10.4...15.6 V DC, max. 4 A
Sensor Supply± 15 V DC, max. 300 mA
Operating Temperature-20°C...+60°C
Storage Temperature-40°C...+85°C
Humidity10....90%, non condensing
Dimensions(490 x 245 x 136) mm
Weight4200 g (fully equipped)
Data connector3x BNC per module
Sensor Connector8-pin Lemo
Power Connector3-pin MIL
Ground ConnectorBanana Socket

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