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Offshore Campaigns

With the industry expanding into Offshore areas to generate alternative energy by wind farms, tidal power plants or the expansion of oil–conveying systems, the industry faces two major challenges. On one side an UXO clearance must be made before the laying of cable lines, installing basement and pylons for infrastructure. On the other hand, regular maintenance needs to be performed after the installation and commissioning of equipment to monitor dumping, disposal of objects on the routes or their displacement.

SENSYS provides a range of survey systems installed on ROVs or mounted behind ROTVs or directly towed/tethered by vessel. The MX3D UW forms a compact, but scalable system using a small submersible data acquisition unit placed inside the ROV or ROTV to supply the sensors with power, gather measurement values and provide them with a fast Ethernet connection to the ROVs MUX or similar. As the SENSYS FGM3D Fluxgates are such small and light weight, they can be mounted in the most hydrodynamic way, adding no impact to buoyancy.

Sampled with up to 4kHz and digitized by an 24Bit ADC, the MX3D UW generates a seamless track of measurements beyond fastest survey speed. At the same time, the SENSYS solutions are power savers, cost efficient and the system is intuitive to set up with no calibration needed as well as doing the data recording whilst operation. SENSYS ensures a complete tool box from recording, processing to interpreting the data to give instant feedback during the campaign making a spot or local area investigation as short and effective as possible.

The MX3D UW is integrated into the ROTV system MAGRAY as well as mounted to the SEARACK frame designed for ROV operations. If divers comes into game, SENSYS offers the DBL15 with a gradiometer probe to hold and an audible feedback forwarded to the divers head phone. With an optional data recording, documenting any diver operation is as simple as never before.

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