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Applied geophysics includes research for scientific and economic tasks. In the scientific sector, SENSYS products are being used for research projects such as long-term studies on the Earth’s magnetic field and surveys on soil layers. Other SENSYS products which are mainly used for scientific laboratory tests are high-precision magnetic field sensors and data analysis units. In the economic field, SENSYS’ magnetic and electromagnetic systems are operated e.g. for mine exploration, soil investigations, determination of contaminated sites or infrastructure analyses. These systems need to provide a great amount of reliable and precise measurement data in a very short time.

For land based surveys, the SENSYS system EMD2 – using time domain electromagnetics – offers a perfect package. This push cart device comes with a large transmitter coil and 3 differential receiver coil pairs to increase resolution and improve background noise cancellation. Together with a high precision RTK GPS the EMD2 delivers geo-referenced measurement values to be processed in SENSYS own software MAGNETO or third party tools like GIS.

For aerial surveys, the MagDrone R3 can be mounted on nearly any UAV, UAS or drone with a payload of 1kg. Thus, the UAV magnetometer kit opens a new market that was reserved to research companies operating airplanes and helicopters, making surveys and research always an expensive and complex mission. Now, the MagDrone R3 enables small, cost-effective and even repetitive surveys on any terrain at any place in the world. Whereas airplanes and helicopter needs a base, fuel and a runway, UAV and MagDrone R3 comes in box – maybe even as checked luggage. The MagDrone R3 uses state-of-the-art Fluxgates with high sampling rates, dealing with UAV noise and allow the setup to be even more compact. That makes SENSYS products an indispensible solution for geophysical approaches and projects.

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