The SENSYS Multi-Sensor-Terminal is out now!

More and more clients asking for parallel powering of our SENSYS FGM3D Fluxgate sensors to setup lab material measuring systems. This is why we added the MST to our product line. The MST comes in an industry standard 19″ rack, has a central power supply unit and slide in/out sensor cards. Every card will power a single sensor and separately gather the analogue x, y and z values. All values are synchronized for proper sensor data processing. If clients decide to have an integrated ADC and use SENSYS software for data processing, the SENSYS TDX comes into game, offering a closed compact solution.

One of the clients using the MST is AIRBUS Defence and Space. They set up an 8 sensor arrangement to measure the residual magnetic signature of space satellite components before assembly and flight into space – presented at the Space Power and EMC Workshop. Another client is the DLR as for the same reason of making sure space components are not exceeding their magnetic budget!