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Success Stories with SENSYS: With 1st Line Defence at the UK frontline

Auf Deutsch. “SENSYS has a great brand presence and their products are very well-priced considering their build and quality, they’re robust and reliable which is exactly what we need to get the job done – on time and on-budget.”   SHORT INTRODUCTION Our partner: 1st Line Defence Founded: 2011 by MD Brett Kinsman Type of […]

Success Stories: The Tauber Group relies on SENSYS

Auf Deutsch. “For us, SENSYS is a reliable manufacturer and above all a partner where you can see that there is a demand to adapt the systems to the needs of the market and to develop them further.”   SHORT INTRODUCTION Our partner: Tauber Group Active in Germany: for over 50 years Founded in 1964 […]

Success Stories: Why SENSYS? EOD Munitionsbergung narrated

Auf Deutsch. “An up-and-coming company, which shines on the explosive ordnance detection market both through its professional competence and the extraordinary sympathy of its management.”   SHORT INTRODUCTION Our Partner: EOD Munitionsbergung | E-RFOLGREICH, O-FFEN, D-YNAMISCH | (translated: EOD ammunition recovery – SUCCESSFUL, OPENMINDED, DYNAMIC) In 2009: the company EOD Munitionsbergung GmbH was founded. Their […]