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MXPDA Type F product updates: 5 really useful features you don’t wanna miss anymore!

Recently we introduced the new MXPDA carrier type F. With that carrier we provided some new functionality which we explained on a separate news feed. Listening to feedback from clients we went back to the drawing board and tried to get in some of the most desired features according to our clients. We ended up […]

Success Stories with SENSYS: With 1st Line Defence at the UK frontline

Auf Deutsch. “SENSYS has a great brand presence and their products are very well-priced considering their build and quality, they’re robust and reliable which is exactly what we need to get the job done – on time and on-budget.”   SHORT INTRODUCTION Our partner: 1st Line Defence Founded: 2011 by MD Brett Kinsman Type of […]

Success Stories: The Tauber Group relies on SENSYS

Auf Deutsch. “For us, SENSYS is a reliable manufacturer and above all a partner where you can see that there is a demand to adapt the systems to the needs of the market and to develop them further.”   SHORT INTRODUCTION Our partner: Tauber Group Active in Germany: for over 50 years Founded in 1964 […]

30 Years SENSYS – A gift

NEWS auf Deutsch. Thanks to ALL our partners and customers! We know how a good relationship can work and therefore we try to be more than just a one-time contact for our business customers. After 30 years of experience and dedication to research, development, production and sales in the field of magnetic and electromagnetic survey […]

Success Stories: Why SENSYS? EOD Munitionsbergung narrated

Auf Deutsch. “An up-and-coming company, which shines on the explosive ordnance detection market both through its professional competence and the extraordinary sympathy of its management.”   SHORT INTRODUCTION Our Partner: EOD Munitionsbergung | E-RFOLGREICH, O-FFEN, D-YNAMISCH | (translated: EOD ammunition recovery – SUCCESSFUL, OPENMINDED, DYNAMIC) In 2009: the company EOD Munitionsbergung GmbH was founded. Their […]