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Short video: MagDrone R3 – About drone surveying with our expert

MagDrone UAV magnetometer survey system

Regular tests with all our measuring instruments are an integral part of the daily work process. SENSYS specialist, Markus Schikorra knows what is important in drone surveying  “Continuous generation of new data sets remains important even with the MagDrone R3. Attention is paid to disturbances caused by the drone, how precisely the altitude is maintained […]

MagDrone R4 – the big brother of the R3

MagDrone R4 by Stefan Menne

With the MagDrone R4 a new product for aerial surveys is joining the MagDrone series with the One and the R3 already in excellent operation with many clients. Whereas the MagDrone One the R3 are meant to support aerial geophysical field studies and exploration work, the R4 has a slightly different focus on UXO search […]