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MagDrone DataTool – merging survey and reference data with one click!

Have a look to our latest video on the SENSYS tutorial youtube channel explaining “How to merge Magnetometer Data” from a drone / UAV survey (MagDrone R3) with a magnetometer reference station (MagBase). We made that correlation an integral part for our MagDrone DataTool. That way it is most simple to apply stationary recorded data […]

MagDrone R3 used to locate parts of North Star wreck

Hull remains of North Star break at Upper Columbia River

“Research Associate John Pollack and archaeologist Xenius Nielson made a total station survey of the [North Star] wreck while Sean and Tay Adams of 3 Points in Space Media used a DJI M600 industrial drone equipped with a loaned German SENSYS MAGDRONE R3 magnetometer to survey the river and locate two targets that will be investigated in […]