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Discover the MXPDA- System – A push Cart solution which impresses

Again Gorden Konieczek convinces with charm, talent and humor in a video whose content has been requested by customers many times. Gorden manages to present a complex measuring system in its entirety in just a few minutes. He not only explains the individual innovations and completes the presentation with real software application examples. He also provides exciting information that makes the entire measurement system so attractive.

This makes the MXPDA video an absolute must-see.

The reason why we produce video clips for SENSYS customers and followers is simple

Time ist money. Impressions have to convince quickly and facts have to prove them at the same time. Fast pace and lack of time on the Internet have not been secrets for a long time. Therefore, we would like to try to meet the demands of our customers and viewers in a series of short, concise videos. In this context we already created a lot of helpful clips about our products, which are available free of charge and around the clock.

We make the videos available exclusively via the internationally known and successful video portal YouTube. Decide for yourself which SENSYS product you would like to learn more about and get your first impression in one of our SENSYS video clips.

Klick to MXPDA-System Video, a product introduction with Gorden

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