SENSYS as the “Survey Solution Company of the Month” – Industrial Process News – UK Magazine

Magnetometers and Survey Solutions Company of the Month

For some, a title is just a title. For us, this title is always a significant award about which we proudly report. Find out for yourself why one of the greatest publications for decision makers, involveld in the UK´s industrial and process markets, is so convinced of SENSYS. Articel, Page 13: “Industrial Process News is proud to announce that SENSYS has been selected as our Magnetometers and Survey Solutions Company of the Month..”

“But it is not just the sale of these solutions that is important to SENSYS; the company’s excellent support, service, training and customisation options are integral for SENSYS and its clients to nurture and maintain a lifelong relationship.” – Industrial Proecess –

“Besides their quality and focus of working reliably under harsh conditions, our employees add the biggest value with their passion and enthusiasm to give their best, always be available for the extra mile and to help out whenever the client might be struggling,” – Wolfgang Süss, Managing Director SENSYS –

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