Schollenberger to take indivual training on magnetometer borehole surveys

The biggest German UXO search and clearance company Schollenberger are in-house these days with a whole team for an individual training on magnetometer borehole surveys using the SENSYS MAGNETO BM2 systems and in-depth data processing beyond the standard tools. Our expert Rainer is leading the 3 day course at the SENSYS premises.

Schollenberger, operating a number of SENSYS borehole systems is constantly updating and expending their equipment pool with SENSYS borehole systems like the BM2, SBL10 handheld detectors, multi-probe MXPDA push-carts or large area vehicle towed systems like MX V3.

Get in contact with us to ask for a individual training at SENSYS or at any place world wide your team is located!