MagDrone One - Reliable magnetometer for drones (UAV)

MagDrone One – Reliable magnetometer for drones (UAV)

The MagDrone One is an ultra portable magnetometer survey kit to be attachable to any fixed wing with a 1+kg payload only.


Sensor Technology:
Application Type:
UXO Search, Geophysics and Geology


MagDrone One

is an ultra portable magnetometer survey kit to be attachable to any fixed wing with a 1+kg payload only.

The kit consists of Carbon fibre sensor tube

with a built-in 3-axis Fluxgates, a customizable sensor cable, a 1-button data logger with internal SD card, rechargeable batteries and an integrated GPS.

The MagDrone One is made and optimized for small and mid size fixed wings

that are shaped for less payload and longer flight times.  The kit can be used for general purpose surveys, science related magnetic cartographies, mine exploration, as well as for safety relevant operations such as area scanning for bombs and ammunition, preventive check and surveillance of areas and camps against intrusion.

An associated software helps to identify flown tracks, ..

cut, filter and compensate the raw data, generates a preview and exports into various formats to further process the recorded values i.e. using the MAGNETO® software, GIS tools or Matlab with your own scripting.


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General Technical Data 
Power Supply12 V
Operating Temperature-20°C to +50°C
Operating Weight (survey kit)sensor: 0.2 kg datalogger & cable: 0.5 kg
Overall power consumption500 mA
Power inputVia open ended cable
Sensor inputVia 4 meter hardwired sensor connector cable
User InterfaceStart/Stop button; status LED
Survey modeAlways recording when powered up
Sampling rate200 Hz
Internal memory512 MB
Dimensions205 x 105 x 45 mm
FGM3D/75 Fluxgate
Maximum ambient field±75,000 nT
Specified measurement range±75,000 nT
Resolution<0.3 nT
Noise<20 pT/√Hz @ 1Hz
Temperature drift<0.3 nT/K
DimensionsØ35 x 365 mm
IP codeIP65
Standard accessories
Rugged case (L x W x H)460 x 330 x 140 mm
Data logger, 4 m cable, sensorothers cable lengths on request
PeripheralsData transfer cable (serial to USB)
DocumentationCertificate, manual, quick guide
PC softwareTo download data from data logger
Optional accessories
MAGNETO® SoftwareFor data processing
ComputerRugged field laptop to download and process measurement data
Power supplyInternal battery

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