Uncovered! Ages, cultures and history – 6.000 years history uncovered in Slovakia with the MX magnetometer system

Significant historical discovers were at first only suspected

It’s been a while since a team of archaeologists and SENSYS staff and technology went down to Fidvár in the surroundings of Vráble in Slovakia to survey a larger area suspected for great Early Bronce Age historical features. The team was using the vehicle towed MX system with 16 Gradiometer magnetometer. An RTK DGPS delivered precise geo-information for every measurement point. Within some days 84 hectare land were scanned and digitized.

The archaeologists not only got more information about Early Bronce Age settlements, but from a Roman camp as well. Finally, the heavy magnetic signature in the lower part is from a gas pipeline. That example shows a great mix of ages, cultures and history. The full report can be read here: ResearchGate.

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