On-site visit at SafeLane in Kuwait maintaining our MX V3 in operation


Last week, we’ve made a site visit to Kuwait. Our client SafeLane Global is operating various SENSYS devices in the desert. Those are used for UXO search upfront construction work for a 40km² new city. After being used for almost a year now with no outages under very harsh conditions we went there to examine the state of the device and learn more about the user experience. On-site we found the devices in the hand of professionals, highly skilled and experienced and thus we were very keen on their opinion about the MX V3 and the MXPDA device. We are quite happy to get a lot of positive feedback but also some hints for improving our devices. This visit confirms again that we are on the right track. Thanks to the guys from SafeLane Global and Tim from GNSS Solutions for supporting our efforts to become better every day.



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