Training courses – by SENSYS

Your questions – our mission! What is the difference between a vertical gradiometer and a double-triaxial-magnetometer? Can a vertical gradiometer and a double-triaxial-magnetometer be used in a horizontal measurement? What is actually a double-triaxial-magnetometer? We leave no questions unanswered and provide training in area and borehole soundings. The topics of surface and borehole soundings, which […]

MagDrone R4 – the big brother of the R3

MagDrone R4 by Stefan Menne

With the MagDrone R4 a new product for aerial surveys is joining the MagDrone series with the One and the R3 already in excellent operation with many clients. Whereas the MagDrone One the R3 are meant to support aerial geophysical field studies and exploration work, the R4 has a slightly different focus on UXO search […]