30 Years SENSYS – A gift

NEWS auf Deutsch. Thanks to ALL our partners and customers! We know how a good relationship can work and therefore we try to be more than just a one-time contact for our business customers. After 30 years of experience and dedication to research, development, production and sales in the field of magnetic and electromagnetic survey […]

Success Stories: Why SENSYS? EOD Munitionsbergung narrated

Auf Deutsch. “An up-and-coming company, which shines on the explosive ordnance detection market both through its professional competence and the extraordinary sympathy of its management.”   SHORT INTRODUCTION Our Partner: EOD Munitionsbergung | E-RFOLGREICH, O-FFEN, D-YNAMISCH | (translated: EOD ammunition recovery – SUCCESSFUL, OPENMINDED, DYNAMIC) In 2009: the company EOD Munitionsbergung GmbH was founded. Their […]

2020 – New training dates at SENSYS

This news is also available in german. We received many inquiries about our internal training courses. That is why we have thought about how we have to and will continue to organise them until further notice. This includes ensuring that there is room for spacing, wearing a face mask, making disinfectant freely available and keeping […]

Non-magnetic and New! Our multi-channel carrier type F

This news is also available in German. The multi-channel carrier type F is our new non-magnetic push cart for SENSYS magnetometer systems like the MAGNETO® MXPDA – a 5 channel Fluxgate gradiometer survey system for archaeology and UXO detection. The carrier is been designed inspired by the feedback of our clients. Made from GRP, it […]

LSUW – Welcome to the SENSYS underwater system family

This NEWS is also available in german. We are happy to introduce another member of our underwater survey system family. The new module LSUW | Lan Switch Under Water device is adding modularity and flexibility to our MX3DUW system by providing the ability to daisy-chain up to 4 MX3D UW systems which forms a magnetometer […]