How to set up the MX V3

In times, where How-To-Videos gain more and more popularity, we are glad to provide you another video tutorial. This time it is about our valued product MX V3. The video will give guidance about the mechanical trailer setup, the wiring of probes and electronics as well as other Do’s and Dont’s. Go to the Video. […]

Happiest of Easter wishes to you.

______________________________   Wishing you a joyous spring time and a happy Easter! Enjoy this Easter holiday season!   _____________   #sensysmag #holidays #stayhealthy We appreciate your interest in this article. If you don’t want to miss any more NEWS from us, we would be happy if you follow SENSYS in the social media channels. You […]

Traveling around the world with our survey solutions

With our survey solutions we are traveling around the world for our dearest clients. No distance is too long, no trip is too short. This time we had a great time with Damasec. We met on a former shooting range and demonstrated the equipment under real conditions. We were happy to present selected products like […]

SEEMINE DETEKT – ein EFRE gefördertes Forschungsprojekt

2020 wurde unser Projekt “SEEMINE DETEKT” im Programm “ProFIT” des Landes Brandenburg zur Förderung ausgewählt. Die Förderung wird aus den Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) kofinanziert. Das Gesamtziel des Projektes besteht darin, für die Detektion von magnetischen und a-magnetischen metallischen Seeminen als auch anderer Unterwassermunition ein zuverlässiges Messgerät zu entwickeln, dass in […]

SENSYS – the estate from the air! Technology Center in Rabenfelde

SENSYS meets Stefan Menne! Watch out the spectacular aerial view of the SENSYS property! What do we do if we don’t create offers and keep our customers up to date? We work together with Stefan Menne, for example. Working on projects with him is fun and instructive at the same. In every single admission you […]