SENSYS as the “Survey Solution Company of the Month” – Industrial Process News – UK Magazine

Magnetometers and Survey Solutions Company of the Month For some, a title is just a title. For us, this title is always a significant award about which we proudly report. Find out for yourself why one of the greatest publications for decision makers, involveld in the UK´s industrial and process markets, is so convinced of […]

Software Update: The current MAGNETO® 3.01.-08. cleans up properly

With MAGNETO® you have a software for efficient evaluation of magnetic measurements at hand. You can use it for data evaluation for detection of explosive ordnance as well as for the visualisation of measurements in archaeology and geophysics. In our SENSYS News we keep you up to date and inform you as soon as something […]

MonMX 5.01 – A software upgrade with smart new features

MonMX is the recording software for all SENSYS multi-channel applications including MXPDA and EMD2. With the latest version extensive improvements in the areas of navigation, project management and operation have been implemented. Also behind the scenes there have been some enhancements. For example, now the software is capable of receiving position messages that arrive more […]

Repair & Service – With the new online repair request we go efficient ways together

Since October 2020 there is the possibility to register your devices online on our homepage. No matter if you want to bring your measuring instrument for inspection, calibration or repair. Why does the online repair request exist? Using the online form allows you and us to improve the planning for a faster throughput of the […]

Using the MagDrone R3 for understanding and monitoring volcanoes

The Lancaster Environment Centre of the Lancaster University together with the School of Geophysics of the University South Florida and many others conducted several volcanological field studies using unoccupied aircraft systems (UAS) with a number of different sensors to decrease the effort of airborne supported field surveys, but increase efficiency compared to man walked / […]