MX V3 in operation in Ohio. Again.

Based on an inquiry from John Lefgren together with the Heartland Research Group, we send over an MX V3 and our specialist Gorden to perform some site prospection at Perry County, Ohio. The trial started at the Dennis DeRolph Farm and continued to two other sites. The focus of the research for the Heartland Research Group […]

SENSYS to sponsor film festival WITHOUT BORDERS

The international recognized film festival WITHOUT BORDERS will take place in September at the lovely Eibenhof in Bad Saarow – a 10 Minute drive from SENSYS. As the festival is focusing on human rights and working with refugees and kids, there wass no doubt for SENSYS to join and support that great event. The event […]

The SENSYS Multi-Sensor-Terminal is out now!

More and more clients asking for parallel powering of our SENSYS FGM3D Fluxgate sensors to setup lab material measuring systems. This is why we added the MST to our product line. The MST comes in an industry standard 19″ rack, has a central power supply unit and slide in/out sensor cards. Every card will power […]

MagDrone R3 used to locate parts of North Star wreck

Hull remains of North Star break at Upper Columbia River

“Research Associate John Pollack and archaeologist Xenius Nielson made a total station survey of the [North Star] wreck while Sean and Tay Adams of 3 Points in Space Media used a DJI M600 industrial drone equipped with a loaned German SENSYS MAGDRONE R3 magnetometer to survey the river and locate two targets that will be investigated in […]

MagDrone DataTool – easier than ever before

Watch our latest tool to make #MagDrone an even more convenient device to perform UAV airborne magnetometer surveys and process the measurement data more efficient! Check the MagDrone DataTool or MagDrone R3 product page for all latest products or contact us directly: Michaela Schulze, Gorden Konieczek or Wolfgang Suess. See the MagDrone DataTool video on our youtube […]

RAB Forces Bangladesh using the SENSYS MXPDA

RAB Forces of Bangladesh decided for a SENSYS MXPDA system with RTK-GPS. the push-cart system will be used to search and detect UXOs such as air drop bombs, artillery shells and other ammunition. With its flexible design and accessories, such as other wheels, extension and a suspension kit to transform the MXPDA into a towed […]

MX3D UW – a ROV Marine Survey System

The MX3DUW will mark a new more efficient and more convenient survey kit for ROVs serving offshore operations to search for UXO, monitor and maintain pipes and cables as well as inspect underwater infrastructure! See the product page of the MX3D UW for more information or contact us directly: Michaela Schulze, Gorden Konieczek or Wolfgang Suess. See […]