New product MagBase for magnetic reference measurements!

MagBase is a stationary recording device to constantly log the Earth magnetic or surrounding magnetic field to either correlate with other survey data. This way, survey data can be corrected for background and irregular noise (i.e. from passing cars, power lines). Clients, searching for bombs and ammunition in the ground using our MAGNETO BM2 borehole systems are using the MagBase to monitor surrounding car and train traffic when working on urban constructions sites. With the reference data they can double check whether a signature might be from an explosive object or created by passing traffic.

MagDrone users are logging the magnetic field with the MagBase to monitor any deviations while flying and later correlate the data. As most of them do exploration work, it is very important to make sure that even weak signal measurements are properly interpreted – whether seens as noise or as the true signal.

The Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology – HZDR for example is using the MagBase together with a MagDrone One for their scientific field studies.