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Exploring Ohio with the SENSYS MX V3

Last year in December, 2018 – we took the multi-channel magnetometer system MX V3 to Ohio to support an archaeological project from the Heartland Research Group prospecting fields around Perry County in Pennsylvania. The MX V3 is a vehicle towed survey system using 16 Gradiometer Magnetometer spread on a 4 meter wide trailer. Combined with […]

Schollenberger to take indivual training on magnetometer borehole surveys

The biggest German UXO search and clearance company Schollenberger are in-house these days with a whole team for an individual training on magnetometer borehole surveys using the SENSYS MAGNETO BM2 systems and in-depth data processing beyond the standard tools. Our expert Rainer is leading the 3 day course at the SENSYS premises. Schollenberger, operating a […]

MagDrone DataTool – merging survey and reference data with one click!

Have a look to our latest video on the SENSYS tutorial youtube channel explaining “How to merge Magnetometer Data” from a drone / UAV survey (MagDrone R3) with a magnetometer reference station (MagBase). We made that correlation an integral part for our MagDrone DataTool. That way it is most simple to apply stationary recorded data […]

Searching for traces using the MXPDA

Two weeks ago the Institut für Vor- und Frühgeschichtliche Archäologie at the Universität Hamburg was using the SENSYS MXPDA ARCH around Seevetal in Northern Germany to survey various areas. Last week they went out again in cooperation with the Kreisarchäologie Stade to survey 2nd WW airplane crash site in wooden areas around Stade. The very nice thing about the MXPDA is […]

MXPDA & EMD for clearance of training battlefields

The Austrian army just received 2 sets each of the magnetometer push-cart system MXPDA and the TDEM based electromagnetic push-cart system EMD2 to survey their military training sites. Combined with high precision base-rover GPS sets our client is able to generate magnetic maps of their areas with an accuracy of +/-1cm for every taken measurement […]

SENSYS @ 13. Fachtagung Kampfmittelbeseitigung

The 13. Fachtagung Kampfmittelbeseitigung der Dresdner Sprengschule was great success hearing presentation about risk assessment especially in regards to evacution logistics and radius calculation pressure waves and simulating the damages upfront. SENSYS again exhibited and  Wolfgang Süß und Rainer Vogel presented latest improvement on the SBL10 and the PDA. Togehter with the service provider CRN wie also presented the MagDrone for aerial […]

MagDrone R3 video on youtube!

Another great animation done by alpha3 showcasing the MagDrone series with its features and applications. Did you know that we have clients using the MagDrone in order to find buried things beneath avalanches or searching for stolen forestry machinery that were parked deep in the Brazilian forest? Also volcanologists that already using our single triaxial […]

MX V3 for archaeological surveys delivered to the NTNU in Trondheim, Norway

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, located in Trondheim just received their MX V3 system with 16 FGM650 gradiometer probes to establish a sensor spacing of 25cm. Togehter with the purchased RTK DGPS, the NTNU aims for high precision mapping of large landscape for historical and anchient studies. Gorden from our sales team just […]


Last weekend, the international recognized film festival WITHOUT BORDERS took place at the lovely Eibenhof in Bad Saarow – a 10 Minute drive from SENSYS. The weather was great and actors like Henry Hübchen, Ulrich Matthes, Charlie Hübner, Barbara Schöneberger and even polititian Cem Özdemir showed up, presented their movies and had chat about human rights […]