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SENSYS joined the Subsea Monitoring Network!

SENSYS joined the SMN

We are happy to announce our membership to the German based Subsea Monitoring Network. Being a platform and accelerator at heart, the SMN aims to join German subsea and technology companies to form a powerful network of competencies and strengths. With institutions, manufacturer and service provides on board, the SMN is able to force new […]

SENSYS Highlights-SENSYS YouTube Videos for a perfect quick impression-Watch our new video about the MXPDA-System

Discover the MXPDA- System – A push Cart solution which impresses Again Gorden Konieczek convinces with charm, talent and humor in a video whose content has been requested by customers many times. Gorden manages to present a complex measuring system in its entirety in just a few minutes. He not only explains the individual innovations […]

Uncovered! Ages, cultures and history – 6.000 years history uncovered in Slovakia with the MX magnetometer system

Significant historical discovers were at first only suspected It’s been a while since a team of archaeologists and SENSYS staff and technology went down to Fidvár in the surroundings of Vráble in Slovakia to survey a larger area suspected for great Early Bronce Age historical features. The team was using the vehicle towed MX system […]

Dear Reader- Happy Eastern! Your easter present is coming soon.. stay tuned

______________________________  Dear Reader, always on holidays we think especially of all our customers, business partners and interested parties. We wish them health and happy holidays. This year we gotta a feeling that we are concentrating on more projects than usual and this is something what makes us feel good during this tough COVID-19 times. We […]

Borehole logging for detection of deeply buried UXOs

Aerial image of a bombed rail road

The challenge The contamination of our grounds due to past and ongoing conflicts in the world is widely discussed. Especially in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the UK commercial companies (like the EOD Munitionsbergung from Austria) are contracted intensively upfront construction works. They clear the ground from not detonated bombs and ammunition. But there are […]